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General Health

General Health

Medical Services Plan

1 (800) 663-7100

Available M-F 8:30-4:30pm. Information on medical benefits, supplementary benefits, reimbursement for medical care, etc. 

BC Nurseline

1(886) 215-4700 (24hr)

Toll free info line connects individuals with specially trained Registered Nurses. Providing confidential information, this line works to help answer your questions. The BC HealthGuide Online also provides information on more than 2500 health topics.

Speech and Hearing Services

(250) 388-2250

Help in assessments for speech and hearing loss. Parent groups also available.

Victoria Medical Society

(250) 598-6021

Offers information on physicians taking new patients, as well as doctors taking new maternity patients. Further help in finding a doctor specializing in a particular area, help in changing your doctor, or to lodge a complaint about a doctor (help in directing you to the College of Physicians and Surgeons). Location: 190-2334 Trent Ave.


Aids Vancouver Island

(250) 384-2366

3rd Floor - Access Health Center

713 Johnson Street, Victoria

Strengthening communityy, preventing infection, providing support, and combating stigma.


Cool-Aid Community Health Centre

(250) 385-1466

No care card necessary. Provides free pregnancy testing, counselling, medical care, and referrals to specialists. Call in advance to make an appointment. Location: 465 Swift.

Victoria Youth Clinic

(250) 388-7841 (James Bay), (250) 383-3552 (Yates)

Clinic provides free health care services for youth ages 12-24. You do not need to have a care card to have access to their on hand doctors, nurse-counsellors, and outreach workers with help also provided for substance use and mental health. Affordable birth control and sexual health exams are also available. Also available: resource help, locating a family doctor, help getting a CareCard, and free food. Location: 547 Michigan St (at the James Bay Community Project, or at 533 Yates Street.

Public Health Nurses

Public Health Nurses provide early pregnancy counselling, postpartum support, breastfeeding support and education, etc. Public Health Nurses can also help with referrals to prenatal programs, information on prenatal classes, and will visit after the birth of your first baby. Telephone line open at any time to answer questions about your baby.

Public Health Units:

Victoria (250) 388-2200                   1947 Cook St.

Esquimalt (250) 360-5600                530 Fraser

Saanich (250) 744-5100                   2nd Floor- 3995 Quadra

WestShore (250) 478-1757              345 Wale Road

Peninsula (250) 544-2400                2170 Mt. Newton X Road

Sooke (250) 642-5464                     104-2145 Townsend Road South


Camosun College Dental Clinic

(250) 370-3191 (recorded information), (250) 370-3184 (reception)

Free half-hour screening required before services. Two preventative services available. They do not perform extractions. root canals, fillings, dentures, or crowns. Location: 3100 Foul Bay

BC Healthy Kids Program

For information on how to apply for MSP: (604) 683-7151

Basic dental care and perscription eyeware for children (under 19) of low income families. For children who recieve Medical Service Plan (MSP) premium assitance through the Ministry of Health.

Victoria Cool-Aid Society Dental Services

(250) 383-5957

Provides full dental service through affordable dental treatment, M-F, 9am- 4pm. Location: 713 Johnson St. Dental Bursary Fund also available for those who cannot afford dental care, or who are not covered.

VIHA Dental Education

(250) 744-5100

Information provided about dental care for infants and children, as well as screening of entry-level school children.

Addiction Services


(250) 383-4020

Support to youth with friends/family who are alchoholics through weekly meetings.

Alchohol and Drug Services- Victoria Clinic

(250) 387-5077

Group and individual treatment for individuals using alchohol/drugs, as well as information and counselling for anyone affected by alcohol/drug use of family member or significant other. Free to residents of BC. Location: #228-1250 Quadra St.

Beacon of Hope House- Salvation Army

(250) 381-9474

Substance use recovery program for male youth ages 13-18 through a 6 bed supported recovery home, using the 12 step philosophy.  

Bridging the Gap-YM/YWCA

(250) 882-8821

Intervention for youth currently involved with or at risk of using crystal meth. Program has a focus on outreach through prevention, education and intervention.

Community Outreach Prevention and Education- Pacific Centre Family Services AssociationY

(250) 391-4320, ext 331 or 364

Program for youth ages 5-18 focusing on intervention/early intervention.

Youth Empowerment Society- Specialized Youth Detox

(250) 383-3514

Detox services for youth ages 13-18 who are experiences withdrawal (alcohol or other drugs) and do not have a health status of hospitalization. Individualized withdrawal plans are developed with the support of SYD counsellors. 2 Options: SYD- up to 12 days stay, or Ashgrove services- 7-10 days stay.

Youth and Family Services- VIHA

(250) 721-2669

Offers prevention and early intervention, youth and family counselling as well as outreach services. Location: 530 Fraser Street, 2nd Floor.

Youth Withdrawal Management Care Homes- Boys and Girls Club

(250) 480-3050

Non-medical detox for youth ages 13-19. Two tier program: Tier 1- acute detox, 7-10 days, Tier 2- recovery and transition, up to additional 20 days.

Mental Health, Counselling & Support Services

BC Families in Transition

(250) 386-4331

Individual and family counselling. Location: 812 Broughton Street.

Children/Youth Who Witness Abuse Program- Women's Transition House Society


Individual and group program for children and youth ages 3-18. Location: #100-3060 Cedar Hill Road

Children's Grief Support Group- Rainbows Program

(250) 479-0766

Support in life transitions experiencing loss through death, divorse or other transitions. Free peer support for children through 24 week program. Location: 62 Obed Ave.

Child & Youth Crisis Mental Health

(250) 727-4020

Hospital based support and assessments through Victoria General Hospital.

Citizen's Counselling Centre

(250) 384-9934

Individual, group, and couples counselling through sliding scale fees. Information and referrals also available. Location: 941 Kings Rd.

Community Counselling Programs

(250) 413-8853, Westshore, (250) 413-8855, West Saanich

Free counselling support, information, and advocacy through outreach service for youth ages 12-19. Location: 851 Broughton Street.

Esquimalt Neighbourhood House

(250) 385-2635, or (250) 360-0644 (counselling direct line)

Counselling services for adults and couples, youth (13-18) and families. M-Th, 10am- 4. Location: 511 Constance Avenue. 

Hulitan Society

(250) 384-9466

Offers social and emotional support to First Nations individuals, youth and families through individual and group counselling, and family support. Location: 902 A Caledonia Ave.

Jack Ledger House- Queen Alexandra Hospital

(250) 477-1826

Residential program offering mental health assesments for youth up to age 16.

Living and Learning Through Loss

(250) 413-3114

Free program for youth ages 13-19 providing grief and loss support (family breakdown, adoption, abuse, loss of health, death, etc.). Support groups, short term individual counselling, and education are all available. Location: 1027 Pandora.

MCFD Youth Forensic Psychiatric Services

(250) 387-2830

Court ordered and court related treatment services for youth. Location: 1515 Quadra St.

MCFD Child and Youth Mental Health Services and Outreach

(250) 952-5073, Saanich, (250) 356-1123, Victoria, (250) 391-2223, West Shore

Mental Health assessment and treatment, and intensive in-home counselling for youth and their caregivers.

Mental Health Outreach Team- Phoenix Human Services Association

(250) 383-4821

MCFD or CLBC referrals only. In-home and community outreach services for high risk children and youth who present a significant challenge to their parents of caregivers.

Native Friendship Centre

(250) 384-3211

Offers support through Family Support Workers, Social Workers, Addictions counsellors and outreach workers, Mental Health Liason, Aboriginal Health Clinic, Elders and Early Childhood Development Workers. Location: 231 Regina Ave.

Outpatient Counselling Service- Queen Alexandra Hospital

(250) 721-6806, or (250) 812-4027

Home-based outreach program supporting youth with mental health needs in order to be successful at home.

Pacific Centre Families Association

(250) 478-8357

Counselling services for women who have experienced violence, children who have been sexually abused, adult survivors of sexual abuse, and counselling for issues drug and alcohol. Family mediation also available. Location: 103-2849 Peatt Road.


(250) 388-5325

Support and resources for male and female current and past sex trade workers. Location: 1-744 Fairview Rd.

Postpartum Support Group

(250) 598-5791

Support services for women and their partners experiencing depression/anxiety in the first year after the birth of their baby. Individual or couple counselling available. Location: #209 2186 Oak Bay Ave.

Project Alive- MCFD Child & Youth Mental Health

(250) 952-5073

Support to children and youth with high risk-mental health issues. Response within 24-71 hours.

Residents in Need Society

(250) 642-7666

Emotional support services for residents in Sooke. Location: #4 6596 Sooke Rd.

Single Parent Resource Centre

(250) 385-1114

Up to ten free counselling sessions on a one-to-one basis for single parents. Parenting support groups also available. Location: 602 Gorge Road East.

Stopping the Violence Counselling Program

(250) 592- 2927

Support groups and individual counselling for women experiencing abuse, or who are survivors of abuse in an intimate relationship. Location: Suite 100-3060 Cedar Hill Road.

Women's Sexual Assualt Centre

(250) 383-3232

Individual and group counselling available for crisis and longer term for female survivors of recent sexual violence. Free 24 hour crisis line. Location: 2-941 Pandora Ave.

Other Health Resources

AIDS Vancouver Island

Support for individuals living with HIV through a Positive Wellness Program. Non-judgemental educational information, short-term solution-focused counselling, art groups, drop-in medical clinic also available. Infoline (1-800-665-2437) also offers confidential support and information.

Eating Disorder Program

(250) 387-0000

Program offers individual and group treatment, assessment, reference library and support groups for families. Referrals made through the intake worker. Location: #302-2955 Jutland Road

Vancouver Island Association for Ending Disordered Eating

(250) 383-2755

Available information, resources, and support on disordered eating and related issues, as well as a phone line and library. Peer counselling and drop-in group also offered. Location: 526 Michigan St.

Queen Alexandra Centre for Children Health

(250) 477-1826

Offers support for the physical, mental, and social well-being of children, youth and families. Location: 2400 Arbutus Road.

Important Websites

Health Link BC

Health link BC has interactive tools such as a symptom checker, quizzes to help you decide whether or not to go to the doctor, and information on preventing and treating many health issues.

Environmental Working Group

The Environmental Working Group has information on food, and water safety, a database to check the safety of cosmetics, soaps, and sunscreens and much more.

The World's Healthiest Foods

This website has information on the healthiest foods, what they are, why they are so healthy and recipes. natruapath recommended.

Canada’s Food Guide

This webpage has information on Canada’s food guide and has a tool where you can create a customized food guide.

Dietician Services (Healthlink BC)

Call 811 to speak to a registered dietician about any food or nutrition questions you may have, or browse the website.