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Family Support

Life as a young parent can be stressful, complicated, difficult & amazing!

We offer Family Support services through group programs and individually on an Outreach basis ('outreach' means we come to you!)

Our non-judgmental Family Support outreach workers are available to:

  • Meet you in where you are
  • Provide support
  • Help you identify your strengths & build on them
  • Help you to identify your goals & begin to achieve them
  • Provide individualized parenting education & supportCheck out our Family Support team:

Check out our Family Support team:

MichelleJacquelin and Robin


Our Family Support Workers can help with a variety of things including, filling our paperwork, connecting with resources, education and emplyoment info, parenting support and a friendly and supportive ear!

Difficult and complicated situations welcome!  We serve moms and dads as individuals or as a couple.

We can meet you at your place, at our family centre, a coffee shop, or wherever works best for you.