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What They Say

What volunteers have said about their experience at YPSN:

"I find it really rewarding. I'm always in a better mood as soon as I get here. All the kids are wonderful and fun to be around. Everyone that works here is very friendly and they know exactly what they are doing!" ~Fernanda

"I love volunteering at YPSN, the organization is amazing and the people who work to put the programs in place are dedicated and supportive. I look forward to seeing all the families who come to YPSN each week and feel honoured to be a part of this wonderful network" ~Chelsea

Having volunteered at YPSN for two years I could not have felt more appreciated for the time that I put in for this organization. I have grown with YPSN in developing more confidence when working with new people and have made some great new friends and collegues in the process" ~Jill

"It is a friendly and inviting place to spend my free time. I love coming in and seeing that people can actually use the free store and that they give back to their community." ~Alex

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