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Meet Hannah: Family Support Worker

We asked Hannah "Tell us 3 things about you, the first 3 things that come to mind". This is what she said:

1. I have a twin. We’re not identical so we don’t look at all alike, but we’re really similar in temperament.

2. I’m from Alberta. I grew up on the prairies but I love living on the West Coast.

3. I really love cats and i have an old orange kitty that i love to pieces


How did you first become involved with YPSN?

I was previously a practicum student here when I was a social work student and now i've joined the team as family support worker.

What is your role?

Family Support/ Outreach worker by helping people move towards their goals, whatever those goals maybe.


What is your favourite thing about YPSN?

I love meeting the kids and families that come here

Another thing is the practice philosophy of meeting people where they are at –it is actually happening here. It’s about fluidity & adaptability rather than control. When somebody comes in and has their kids along, staff say ‘Oh hey, come have coffee”. It’s fiercely non-judgemental, and open to the variety of lives that people live.