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Meet Petra: Innovation & Development Coordinator

It has been a long time since we last inquired, so we asked Petra: "Tell us 3 things about you, the first 3 things that come to mind." Here's what she said:

1. I love the rain. And it's raining right now!

2. I'm totally excited by having mostly grown-up kids. The most exciting thing is that I like them. As people. I like to spend time with them.

3. I secretly really like steampunk stuff.


When did you first become involved with YPSN?

I've been working here for over 9 years, as a Family Support Worker, Program Coordinator and Executive Director. I wish I knew about YPSN when my kids & I were young. There was a big empty place in my life where YPSN could have been!


What is your role now?

My new job title is Innovation & Development Coordinator. I was really happy to pass on the Executive Director role to Margo in September, because I love to develop and I love to innovate. Basically, I'm responsible for fundraising, program development & evaluation, social media, and financial management. I work with Margo and Jacquelin as part of YPSN's leadership team.


What is your favourite thing about YPSN?

To me, YPSN is alive. It is created by all who participate here, and in turn, it participates with us. I feel privileged to be one of the people who helps to shepherd it, but no one person can. We do it as a collective. I learn so much from that, every day.