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By savanna - Posted on 09 December 2010

The Hurried Infant and the Edutainment Craze


In today’s society there is so much marketing, pressure, and discussions on how to ‘make your baby smarter, this amazing podcast explores this new terrain of super babies.


The Hurried Infant- Podcast 1


Over the past 10 years, “Brain claims’ have intensified, fueled by commercial forces referred to as “edutainment’, the multi billion dollar education market has targeted the youngest population and has products designed to accelerate an infants growth with names like Baby Einstein, Brainy Baby, Jumpstart Baby, and Baby Genius.

A main contributor to this craze is science. Over the decades several studies have been done to claim that baby’s brain is a vast resource that can be enriched through stimulation. So, with this claim, a young child can learn colors, count and even read earlier than ever before. This explosive growth of baby products that claim to make your baby smarter and ‘better’ has sent parents scrambling to ensure their baby is as bright as bright can be.

So, are the scientific studies behind this social force real or exaggerated?

These podcasts are fascination and extremely enlightening, this series, IDEAS, explores the brave new age of infant determinism.

You be the judge!!



The Hurried Infant- Podcast 2


Parents are being tossed about in the perfect storm: Brain science claims, economic anxiety, and a billion dollar toy industry that’s pressuring parents to expose the young children to early academics, especially when it comes to reading! The second part of this podcast, the producer sits down to discuss what some are calling the reinvention of childhood itself with two leading child advocates and researchers. What is really important learning? Should we be bringing it back to the basics?? Learning though play and imagination, again, you be the judge!! Listen! You will not be disappointed you did!