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"I feel like it's not too late to be who I want..." What parents have to say about YPSN programs

By margo - Posted on 11 October 2013

All programs at Young Parents Support Network are created, delivered and evaluated with help from young parents. That means that YPSN can be sure that programs and services are relevant, meaningful and valuable.

Here are a few things that YPSN participants have to say about services:

‘There isn’t anything else like it. Anyone can come here for almost any reason, and you’ll help support in some way, even if it’s not what you’re “doing” – it’s “We’ll help get you there.”

“Programs are not specifically directed towards JUST single parents or JUST moms, AKA: inclusive towards the whole family.”

“If we ever need something: emotional support, clothes, baby stuff or whatever, I know I can call you guys!... But I also know that I am not FORCED to call you guys. You respect me if I say I’m doing ok.”

"My family feels supported in many ways, transportation, break from our babies with child minding. You guys give us guidance, and support our goals in where we want to go, and it’s nice to have someone we can just talk to. I believe that if we didn’t have that kind of support we couldn’t further our goals."

And what do participants say about YPSN programs, and which have been most important to them:

“Parenting group (learning new skills, gathering information, knowing other parents are in the same boat), drop-in group and Future Planning.

“The one-on-one support. Making goals, breaking them down and making things happen. Normalizing things that I could judge myself on as a parent. Just being there.”

“I like Future Planning, I feel like it’s not too late to be who I want. There are other moms in the same spot as me.”

“Future Planning saved my life, and I’m not saying that lightly, not as an expression. I would be dead. But I found Future Planning, and everyone at YPSN helped me get back on my feet. Now I want to save other lives!”

There are 5 team members running events in the Goodlife Victoria Marathon this Sunday to raise funds for an organization they believe in.

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