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What is YOUR favourite thing about YPSN?

By petra - Posted on 15 August 2012

When we feature Young Parents Support Network participants on our website (and our participants include young parents, volunteers, staff, community members) we always ask What is your favourite thing about YPSN?

Here is what 20 people have to say:

  1. Obviously the people, that’s an easy one. What’s good about the people at YPSN is they’re all inviting, friendly & compassionate. It’s not about “me, me, me”, it’s about “how can I help you?”, and that kind attitude is contagious.
  2. Community. YPSN seems to be entirely based on listening, and caring, and being considerate of people's lives and circumstances.
  3. My favourite thing is the sense of belonging that I feel when I am in the presence of the YPSN community: the support & solidarity that I feel when I am in the presence of the staff and participants. I feel a real sense of sisterhood & camaraderie. YPSN has really shown me what’s possible for the kind of life that I want to build for my son and I, in terms of what kind of community I want for us as a family.
  4. The remarkable people who come here. It’s an amazing community of people who value their children, and themselves, and want to make the world a better place.
  5. It feels good. I feel like I am not new here; I feel like I am part of a community.
  6. The people. I love being present in the space and seeing all the wonderful things that happen here.
  7. Two things! 1. Watching connections grow between people; 2. Having the honour of celebrating with people when they can feel and see how amazing they are.
  8. The parents and their determination to succeed. I admire that they look for the support they need and that they come here to get it. It is such an honour to work with them.
  9. Inclusiveness. I have always felt welcomed and supported, but it hasn’t just been me who has felt this. The staff have extended their expertise and services to many members of my community without judgement and with genuine concern for the comfort and boundaries of the individual.
  10. The people! And the feeling of community.
  11. The welcoming environment and diversity of people. Oh, and the willingness and openness to create meaningful relationships!
  12. The welcoming collaborative atmosphere and all the amazing staff and participants.
  13. The people at YPSN make it special and are my favourite part. You always feel welcome.
  14. The supportiveness and friendly faces, and the coffee!
  15. My favourite thing about YPSN? Oh, so many things. But to narrow it down, I will say that my favourite things are: 1.) The staff, I love the staff, every one of them; 2.) The friendly and relaxed environment in the office, and 3.) that people are always walking around in their socks
  16. The approach that is taken in supporting families in our community. This agency is very non-judgemental, and understanding of the unique and diverse needs and challenges that families have and face in this day and age.
  17. The culture; there is a true sense of community and caring. It’s a friendly place where everyone is valued and everyone’s ideas and opinions matter.
  18. How unbelievably welcoming EVERYONE has been to me here.
  19. The support and friendly people
  20. That we are all participants.

How about you?

What is your favourite thing about YPSN?

(We want to know about your unfavourite things, too!)