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Why I am running for YPSN ~ by Nick Lyons

By margo - Posted on 27 September 2013

I'm not a parent. I ain't that young either, a reality which has been continually reinforced throughout my training for this year's Goodlife Fitness event. Jogging is more aptly described as slogging for me-- I've been overtaken by more than one spunky, middle-aged power walker on the trail. Needless to say my ego, along with my body, has taken a beating over the past several months, but as difficult as the training has been, it is also immeasurably rewarding partially due to the fact that I am training in hopes of raising money for an incredible organization-- The Young Parents Support Network.

I've been connected to YPSN in various capacities over the past six years. I've volunteered as a child-minder during board meetings (YPSN's board is unique in that it is composed entirely of participants, meaning the organization's programs are determined by those whom it serves) and even tried my hand as a handyman around the office at times. I am continually impressed by the quality of services the organization provides to the Greater Victoria Area.

One of the services YPSN provides that really sticks out to me is its free store. My wife and I are thinking of having kids soon, and one of the things we are a bit worried about is the mere cost of having a child. With sparkly, expensive child stores out there, it's easy to think that something as basic as clothing a child is a costly venture-- consistently providing clothes for a rapidly growing child is an expensive undertaking, but thanks to YPSN, it really needn't be. Young parents are welcome to come into YPSN's office at any time and pick up clothes for absolutely free! It's a great service that YPSN provides.

There is a tangible sense of community at YPSN. In addition to the amazing programs YPSN offers, it also facilitates genuine connection and community amongst young families. Long lasting friendships are quickly forged over complimentary coffee, alleviating feelings of isolation some young parents face. It is an amazing thing to be a part of, and I am proud to be running to support such an amazing non-profit organization this fall. I hope you will consider sponsoring me as I slog it out.

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