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Yoga and Pregnancy: A calming way of keeping fit!- by Jennifer Spilsted

By savanna - Posted on 01 February 2011

During pregnancy, yoga can be an excellent way to reduce stress, increase awareness about your body, and help with alignment and pain. Yoga can also help in focusing in on breathing techniques, and for some, helps with nausea and morning sickness. Also, many of the breathing exercises found in yoga have been helpful for some during labor! lists a few things to keep in mind while practising yoga during pregnancy:

-listen to your body, modify your poses and stretches as needed, and if it hurts-stop!

-avoid stretches that pull muscles too much

-avoid Bikram or hot yoga

-if you are attending a yoga class, let your instructor know you are pregnant, and what trimester you are in.


In Victoria:

Check out the mothering touch website, with drop in classes for $12

Yoga at the YM/YWCA

Financial assistance is available for membership fees. Check out the website for schedules and financial assistance interview times at

Community drop-in classes at Hemma- 1274 May Street, Minimum donation- $5.
Call 250-294-0434 for more information, or visit the website for scheduling etc. at

Community Yoga at Dockside Green Free yoga – limit of 10 classes, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30. Technically, these classes are for people interested in residency at the Dockside Green, but why not get to know the neighbourhood? To register, visit , with registration available up to 1 week before class. (classes have 10 spaces available).

Yoga Shala- Karma Yoga Program
Unlimited passes available in exchange for volunteer work (additional benefits also available). Location: 1322 Broad St. Phone: (250) 383-3849

Youtube is a great place to find free yoga exercises, but remember to talk with your health care provider and always listen to your body!

Here are some samples videos: