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Womens Services

Bridges For Women

The spectrum of services available to women who have experienced trauma and abuse are comprehensive. The stages of healing are a continuum to inclusively cover emergency shelter, ongoing counselling, and financial sufficiency programming, to employment services and mentoring. Together these programs bring hope and empowerment to live a life free of the distress of trauma and abuse.

Women in need

At Victoria Women In Need Community Cooperative (WIN), we support women along their journey between crisis and wellness. How do we do this? We collect donated goods and provide affordable high quality clothing, household items and furniture through three Resale Shops in Victoria.  The revenue from our shops, together with financial donations, covers the entire cost of running our non profit cooperative, and funding our empowerment programs for women. So whether you are a shopper or a donor, you too have a hand in transforming our community.

Womens Transition House

By providing safe shelter, counselling, and support we assist women in finding their strengths. Our Shelter and Outreach Workers are skilled in helping women find suitable housing, navigate the various systems (legal, medical, financial) and advocate whenever possible.

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