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Some resources for Pregnancy

Young Parents Support Network works from a pro-choice & harm-reduction philosophy...



'Pro-choice' means that means we are available to support you no matter what decision you make about your pregnancy. Check out the decision-making guide (called 'unsure brochure') attached below if you or a friend are in the process of making a decision about your pregnancy. Or give us a call! (250) 384-0552.


'Harm-reduction' means we're available to help you make choices so that you can have the healthiest possible pregnancy & baby. It also means we don't judge you if you have been drinking, using drugs, or are involved in the sex trade. Lots of young women who have this life experience go on to be amazing mothers, and we can be your team on that journey, if being a parent is the choice you make. That's why we say 'complex situations welcome'!


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