Cracked Tooth: What Are the Causes of It?

Teeth are designed to withstand a lifetime. Nevertheless, they go through a ton of pressure and force throughout their lives, which can bring wear and tear. It is difficult to repair a tooth that has broken through to the enamel, but you can work with dentists to get a solution that helps you.

Prevalent Causes of Fractured Teeth

Endodontic treatment is typically required after a tooth has fractured, which is relatively normal. Root canal therapy is often necessary to alleviate pain and save a fractured tooth from needing to be pulled; some fractures can not be prevented, while others can be traced back to bad dental hygiene.

It’s not constantly obvious when you’ve broken a tooth; in some cases, the person does not discover it until the pain embeds in, which could be days or weeks later—furthermore, the following list the most typical factors contributing to busted teeth.

Hard Food

Teeth fractures can additionally be brought on by biting or chewing on something too hard. Sometimes, it’s possible to mistakenly bite into something hard, such as a little rock hidden in food. However, it is essential to remember that non-food things like fingernails, ice, and pencils can also result in a tooth being ruined if it is bit or chewed on. Chew your food thoroughly and carefully to secure your teeth from deterioration.

If one or more of one’s teeth break, it’s vital to see a dentist immediately. They have many solutions to assist you in fixing your damaged teeth. Furthermore, many select to align their teeth using Invisalign Braces in Edmonton when they consult concerning their fractured teeth.

Weak teeth

Dental fragility, such as that caused by long-term wear or erosion, or the loss of tooth structure due to substantial dental fillings, dramatically boosts a tooth’s vulnerability to cracking. This is due to a weak tooth structure that can not sustain the typical stresses on teeth. Because of the weakening tooth structure, cracks and fractures are most likely to emerge and spread over the tooth.

Enamel erosion or weakness can be brought on by genetics, teeth grinding, inadequate nutrition, or medical issues like acid reflux. In addition, many children experience dental concerns due to their weak teeth. Frequent appointments with a pediatric dentist are crucial for avoiding such issues. If you want to schedule an appointment with them, you can click right here.

Extreme Temperature

Do you know what occurs when cold water is poured into a glass jar that previously held boiling liquid? It could have broken or ruined in front of your eyes. Although they are not as durable as your teeth, they work similarly. Hairline cracks can form in dental enamel when the material is unexpectedly subjected to temperature changes that are too great a disparity between the two extremes.

Due to thermal expansion and contraction, enamel wears off. If it moves too quickly, fractures may occur, or preexisting ones could widen. If your broken teeth are troubling you, it’s time to make a consultation with the dentist. You can obtain aid for your issue from several dental facilities specializing in Botox Treatment in Edmonton.

Final Thoughts

A problematic tooth can only be saved if it is uncovered beforehand. Cracks are generally not apparent in a clinical setting and are instead identified by their associated symptoms. If you have dental concerns, you must see a dentist immediately rather than later. Postponing a trip to the dentist may cause further damage to the tooth and a lot more costly repairs.