Natural Living Your Natural Medicine Cabinet

Are you trying to find a natural alternative to conventional medication and costly doctor’s visits and prescriptions? Let us face it, most of us know that here in the U.S., the price of health care keeps going up while the standard of care continues to diminish with no options in sight.

While I do not recommend dropping your health care insurance altogether, I really do believe there is a natural option that it is possible to use before you telephone your physician and that is natural homeopathic remedies. Natural homeopathic remedies are safe to use, exceptionally effective, don’t have any side effects, do not interfere with any present medications or prescriptions you might want to take, plus are cost-effective also making them ideal for families with kids.

The truth is that you can begin living a more natural lifestyle by simply starting your very own natural medicine cabinet for your home with natural homeopathic remedies that are cheap and you can readily locate them in the regional farmer’s market or whole foods store.

To assist you to begin putting together your natural medicine cupboard, I have compiled a listing of the top five products you ought, to begin with, and that is a need to have available in your house constantly.

1. Rescue Remedy:

The most significant product that you should have on your natural medicine cupboard is Rescue Remedy by Bach. Rescue Remedy is a combination of 5 Bach Flower Essences that’s remarkably effective in treating psychological injury or shock because in the event of acute crises or disasters such as injuries. But, you might even use Rescue Remedy for any stressful situation that elicits anxiety, fear, or stress for example upsetting bad information or an upcoming job interview. Rescue Treatment is safer to use on your own, your kids, and your pets. It is a superb natural product to keep available in any way times for any sort of emotional upset or injury. Rescue Remedy can help restore one to a typical psychological equilibrium so it is possible to take care of the situation calmly and confidently.

2. Arnica 30C:

Another fantastic natural product to have on your natural medicine cupboard is Arnica 30C. Arnica (Arnica Montana), is a perennial using yellow-orange blossom, that’s been used medicinally for centuries by Europeans. Even though there are lots of medicinal applications for Arnica, it’s often called THE number one injury cure for sprains, bruises, muscle aches, or wounds. But, Arnica additionally provides rapid relief from pain, shock, and injury. Arnica is demonstrated to assist the body to heal from harm and to reduce pain and swelling. It is possible to locate arnica at a topical ointment, salve, or spray in addition to in pill form to be taken internally as a homeopathic site.

3. Traumeel Cream:

Traumeel Cream is just another wonderful natural product because it’s often known for the last 30 years as a natural pain-reliever. Traumeel, produced from all-natural ingredients, was used to effectively treat varicose joints, nerves or pulled muscles, arthritis, bruises, back pain, and swelling & inflammation. Traumeel is quite powerful yet secure and user-friendly and is usually utilized in an ointment or gel for use topically. Traumeel is absolutely a powerful product to maintain on your natural medicine cupboard in any way times for pretty much any minor harm.

4. Propolis:

Propolis that’s a resin gathered by honeybees from tree bark and leaves, is a really powerful natural antibiotic. Dating back to early times, propolis was used to cure sores, wounds, and even blisters. Propolis is often known now as”character’s band-aid” since it’s excellent to place directly onto minor sores or cuts. Propolis using its antibiotic properties helps heal the wound but also can help protect and protect it since propolis is water-resistant therefore that it helps the skin to breathe while it’s healing from the inside out. Maintain propolis on your natural medicine cupboard in any way times for any minor cuts or scratches that can and do occur as we all know, often and often.

5. Aloe Vera:

Last, another must-have product to maintain on your natural medicine cupboard is aloe vera. The wonderful medicinal and curative power of aloe vera dates back centuries. With its cool, calming, anti-inflammatory influence on the epidermis, now aloe vera is most commonly utilized in the curing of wounds, frostbite, and burns such as sunburn. Aloe vera using its capacity to penetrate the layers of skin readily and be consumed immediately is also a natural moisturizer and skin conditioner comprising beneficial vitamins and nutrients which can be transported to and attain the profound innermost layers of skin, thereby conditioning and healing skin from the inside out. Aloe vera is quite powerful and safe to use. Maintain a jar or tubing of aloe vera hand constantly for minor burns, scarring from wounds, sunburn, insect bites, and poison ivy.

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